Please pardon our latest haitus. We know that we've been slacking and that Dylan "Pickles" Sittig has been pretty boring in his posts. This is not a journalism blog Dylan, this is for us to post our inside jokes and make everyone else try to figure them out/feel stupid.

Anyways, we are back and without the leadership of Ben "the best" Tuthill, but who needs him. Our first post will be all about greatness. The greatest of the great of 2012. The greatest new joints in Eagle Rock/Highland Park. The greatest beers of 2012. And of course everyone's favorite: The greatest albums of 2012. These will all be Greatest 5, except greatest albums because we know how much everyone loves that one.

Ok, here are our Greatest New Joints in Eagle Rock-Highland Park 2012

5. Garvanza
Garvanza is a new Mexican food restaurant right next to Garvanza Park on Avenue 64. It offers great seasonal, fresh selections and is locally owned. The quality of the food is always great and their salsas are some of the best I've ever had. I loved the pernil burrito, but they also offer vegetarian options and great service! I highly reccomend it!

4. La Cuevita
La Cuevita is a newly renovated gem on Figueroa. The bar offers a super great ambiance, a friendly crowd and some amazing specials. They have happy hour every night of the week from 7-10, with $5 margaritas (THE GR8EST THING DAN HAS EVER HAD) and $5 Old Fashioned's. PBRs are always $3 and on Tuesday nights they have free tacos with the purchase of a drink. This place is well worth the bike ride from Oxy.

3. Organix

Organix is an amazing new spot brought to Eagle Rock by our friends who started Figueroa Produce. They offer all local, all organic options, which is super amazing for us Food Justicers. Arguably my favorite part of the store are the bulk options available. They have all types of grains, nuts, beans, and dried fruits in bulk! Amazing! Also, the ownership are the nicest guys I know!

2. Hermosillio Club*
I write this post with an asterix, because the new Hermosillo represents the hipsterization of Highland Park. However, it is oooohhhh so good! They offer a rotating beer and wine selection at decent prices (seasonal craft beers are generally $6). Brews vary and are always tasty and they have amazingly fun games like drop a ring on a stick and shuffle board. Also, under 21ers can come in and hang out and you can bring your own food in! How great!

1. Scoops
The is the greatest thing to every happen to my life maybe. At one point I was going 3 times a week, and gained 5 pounds. Scoops is the greatest ice cream store ever. You get 2 giant scoops of ice cream for just $2.90 (I think it's a very fair price). They have over 1,000 rotating flavors (SUCK IT BASKIN ROBINS), my favorites are all the salty ones (trust me they are amazing). They also have amazing vegan flavors at all times! Everyone needs to try this place!


The Greatest Beers 2012

: Fat Tire

5. Cisco Winter Shredder
Cisco is a small brewery located on the island of Nantucket, so you really can only get this on the East Coast (we are better). The beet has a pleasant brown coloring like aged mahogany. It smells of a warm fire on a cold winter's night. The spices are what really make this brew, I'm not sure which spices were used in the brew, but they make it super tasty. If you ever find yourself on the East Coast around Christmas time, make sure to pick up a six pack of this bad boy.

4. Lagunitas Undercover Shut Down Ale
I actually never got to try this beer, but Gabe loved it so I'm sure it's bitter and cold. #fr04TKW33N

3. Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen
This is a Dan selection as I am not a huge fan of Heffs. They smell like bananas and taste like spiced bananas mixed with beer. This was probably the best one I've had but it's still not great in my book.

2. Anchor Steam Christmas
This brew was probably my favorite of the winter seasonal ales. Anchor Steam makes a different seasonal beer every winter, so I will never drink this again :-(. It was also a warm ale like the Cisco brew, but this was a little crisper with hints of juniper and Christmas spices. I look forward to Anchor Steams seasonal brew next winter.

1. Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter

I know this isn't exactly "local", but trust me this brew is super duper great. It is a traditional porter with a toasted twist. The toasting gives this it an amazingly robust, nutty flavor, which couples well with the traditional porter flavor. It has a nice malty brown color and a great nose. Unfortunately this is very difficult to find, but again local businesses to the rescue! Go Galco's!

0. Our own Mead
In case you didn't know, we had a lot of fun here at the house over the summer. From potato famines to potlucks, we really knew how to beat the heat. One of our greatest achivements was making Mead, or honey wine. We mixed honey, water, and active dry yeast in a large vat to create a refreshingly potent summer wine! Good thing we were all 21!!

Greatest Albums 2012

10. Grizzly Bear: Shields

I mean what can you say about these guys?! They just churn out hit after hit! Far and away my favorite track was Upstream Salmon, the fuzzy beats and slashing guitar riffs really capture the feral nature of the Beast. Overall, you can really tell these dudes were feeling the material and had a super deep connection once they hit the beat lab.

9. Death Grips: The Money Store

Aside from being scary, this bro can really wail!! This album's #1 single, Grim Reaper, shows just how wild things can get when you couple a genius with a pen. However, the album shows some of Death's softer sides on tracks like Lovely Dead, My Bloody Valentine, and  Scythes. Overall, I'd say you should check this album out if you want your soul rocked.

8. Chromatics: Kill For Love
While the album title seems a little counter intuitive,  don't be fooled this is an album all fans of rock should own. Someday your kids will ask, "Did you listen to Chromatics?" and you'll be able to say, "Yes". So why is this so great? The pulsating beats of the kick drum fuse with a spicy bass like and face melting guitar solos along with haunting vocals and insightful lyrics.

7. Beach House: Bloom

Well the name of this band seems a little insensitive due to the damage done to the Jersey Shore, but at least they played a benefit concert with all proceeds going to the boardwalk reconstruction. Well, you really have to hear this album to believe it but this duo really captures the essence of what it means to be young, in love, and staying at the beach. They also capture what it means to be hungover, broke, and staying at the beach.

6. Grimes: Visions

The ironic name of this album stems from the fact that the singer is, in fact, color blind! Wow, this young stunta really over came her disability to show the world what music really is. My favorite track is Never Stop Going. It just that power jam you throw on during the last set at the gym. There is also a great love making track called Lower Lip, just throw it on next time you're with that special someone.

5. Swans: The Seer

Well I usually hate swans because they look like geese and geese are super evil. But these swans, they are elegant and regal. They integrate flutes, trumpets, and upright bass flawlessly with dubstep beats and electric guitar to make a truly 21st century sound. Eddie Vedder's influence really shines through out the whole album, while the title track, The Seer, is clearly a nod towards Tupac's clairvoyance.

4. Tame Impala: Lonerism

Clearly the most contemplative music of 2012, this debut album from this young go hard shows wisdom beyond his years. Even the group name shows an inner peace, which is outwardly projected onto their artwork. Lonerism captures the feelings of feeling utterly alone in a crowd better than anyone sine My Chemical Romance.

3. Frank Ocean: Channel ORANGE
Dude, seriously, this is just str8 pussy melting music. Like don't put it on your stereo while your cat is in the house. No one wants to clean that up. Probably the greatest attribute of this album is the trancendence of genres and genders. Like does he rap? Does he croon? Why is John Mayer here? Is John Mayer now a girl? Also, can you get channel ORANGE on direct tv?

2. Frank Ocean: Channel ORANGE
WOW, DOUBLE WINNER. Get it Franklin! Again this album is very deserving of number one, but just didn't make the cut so we gave it two spots. My favorite track, Sounds #9, just makes me want to gather my droogies and brawl, but I usually just get amped and do dishes. Anyways, tracks like, Apples and Oranges, Orangutang Jam, Life of Pi, and Sweet Morning Nectar, really separate this album from the rest of the field.

1. Kendrick Lamar: good kid, m.A.A.d city
Well I wasn't aware that Kendrick Perkins changed his name and quit basketball to rap. Also he shaved his king Tut beard, which is probably why he can now rap so fast. I do have to disagree with the title, because Kendrick really isn't a good kid, he's a man. Anyways, he absolutely tears it up with this album, like redefines rap and life. Don't believe me? Just listen to it. Seriously, I dare you, it will change you.

0. Ibid: Gaols (This Should Have Been a Warmth)


  1. Fat Tire is the gr8test

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